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Shooting Range Ventilation Design & Installation Experts

Why Choose Carey's ?

  • 24/7/365 Technical Support

  • 20+ Years Experience

  • 1000+ Successful Ranges

  • Meet or Exceed Standards

  • Fully Integrated Turnkey Systems


With over 25 years' experience in engineering, design, and applications in hundreds of indoor firing ranges since 1995, we have coordinated with Environmental Engineers, Designers, and users to create ventilation and air filtration systems that are second to none. Carey's Range Ventilation design has been accepted as the standard for all Naval Indoor Firing Ranges. Our installation at the Great Lakes Recruit Training Center has become the model for all future Naval Range Ventilation systems. 

Our gun range ventilation systems have been installed in military, police, and civilian Firing Ranges across the United States, and have now expanded to sites in Europe and Asia. Our Range Ventilation Systems are designed to ensure proper airflow and air filtration in any indoor firing range.


  • Fort Bragg, NC

  • Keesler Air Force Base, MS

  • La Posta Mountain Warfare Training Facility, CA

  • The Range at 355

  • Morr Outdoors

  • The Gun Garage

  • Eagle Gun Range

  • The Machine Gun Nest

  • Montgomery County Police Department, PA

  • Naperville Police Department, IL

  • Macon County Sheriff's Range, IL

  • Boulevard Border Patrol Station, CA

  • SafeSide Tactical-Lynchbug

  • Range 129

  • Shoot Point Blank-Louisville

  • Daniel Defense

  • Crossfire Defense Academy

  • Proof Research, Columbia Falls, MT

  • Sig Sauer, Newington, NH

  • Carolina Sporting Arms, Charlotte, NC

  • Centennial Gun Club, Centennial, CO

  • Eagle Gun Range, Lewisville, TX

  • Metro Shooting Supplies, Bridgeton, MO

  • Montgomery Indoor Shooting Complex, Montgomery, AL

  • Shoot Point Blank - Mokena

  • Shoot Point Blank - North Richland Hills

  • Hillsborough County

  • Frontier Justice

  • One Shot, Newtown, OH

  • Tactical Advantage, Waite Park, MN

  • Point Blank, Cincinnati, OH

  • Gun For Hire, Woodland Park NJ

  • RTSP, Randolph, NJ

  • Shoot Point Blank - Knoxville

  • Shoot Point Blank - Merrillville

  • Clayton's Hunting and Fishing

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