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Gun Range HVAC System Types

The choice of the proper system for your range will be based on the indoor conditions, outdoor weather conditions, operation and installation budgets, building design and code requirements. There are two styles of systems that are typical for a small arms range: Purge & Recirculation.

Purge Style

The “Purge Style” system brings in 100% outside air to the range and exhausts 100% of the air. Filter changes are required in this system so that the exhaust air is not contaminated. This system will typically not be practical if cooling is required and there are high humidity conditions in the area where the range is constructed.

Typical Purge Systems:

  • Ventilation Control Only

  • Ventilation Control With Heating – Typical for most Northern locations and/or ranges that have limited summer use.

  • Ventilation Control With Heating and Evaporative Cooling – Typical for most South-Western locations with hot but dry summers.

Recirculation Style

The “Recirculation Style” system brings in a constant percentage of outside air and re-circulates the rest of the supply volume. This system saves 75% of your energy.  The advantage is for high humidity areas where cooling is required.

Typical Re-circulation Systems

  • Ventilation Control with Full HVAC – Typical for most South-Eastern locations with hot, humid summers.

  • Ventilation Control With HW/CW – Sometimes used in schools and universities with campus chilled water and hot water systems, and also some larger municipal and government projects.


Energy Recovery

The energy recovery systems are great. They allow the use of 100% outside air and also recover the energy. Energy recovery has a higher installation cost and a long return on investment period. Energy Recovery is typically used on government installations or if local codes require the use of energy recovery.

Typical Energy Recovery Equipment:

  • Run-Around Loop

  • Exhaust heat recovery loop

  • Flat Plate Heat exchanger

  • Desiccant Wheel

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