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Small Arms Range Ventilation is unique. Here at Carey’s, we understand everything that goes into building a range ventilation system. We believe that there is no better contractor to install a specialized system than the company who designed it. By using Carey’s to provide a turn-key system from design to installation to start-up and commissioning, we can give you the guarantee that the system is designed correctly, installed correctly, commissioned correctly and will perform correctly to provide safe conditions for staff and customers and meet all industry standards.

Carey’s personnel have over 20 years of experience installing range ventilation systems. We hire only seasoned employees and collaborate with industry leading partners. Carey’s has extensive sub-contractor relationships covering all the disciplines of range construction. Carey’s success in hiring and working with only the best is evidenced by our track record in building some of the most advanced, complex, state-of-the-art shooting and training facilities in the world.

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