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Carey's Re-commissioning package includes:

  • Inspect all outside air filters.

  • Inspect all exhaust filters.

  • Inspect blower drive assembly for all units.

  • Inspect all mechanical and electrical connections.

  • Inspect all mechanical dampers.

  • Inspect and calibrate all sensors in the range for proper operation.

  • Re-commission the range control system.

    • Update software (if required).

    • Test controls for proper operation and adjust as necessary.

    • Test control sequence for proper safeties and adjust as necessary.

  • Re-commission the range ventilation system and guarantee compliance with all standards.

    • Perform air balance of the range. Adjust as necessary.

    • Perform smoke test in the range.

    • Issue air balance report.

  • Discuss range operations with range master, including contamination surveys, IH checks, lead program, cleaning procedures, maintenance procedures and frequency.

  • Answer questions about range ventilation operation.

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