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Carey’s custom designed Range Ventilation Systems are the summation of lessons learned in hundreds of past range ventilation projects that Carey’s has completed. As the National leader for Indoor Small Arms Range Ventilation, Carey’s takes pride in guaranteeing that each system will meet industry standards.

Carey’s designs Ventilation Systems to integrate quality components that are manufactured by the industry’s leading equipment suppliers. Carey’s has a strong working relationship with the top manufacturers in the HVAC industry, each of whom have earned a reputation for top quality air-handling units and other critical components. All ventilation equipment used in Carey’s Ventilation Systems is carefully selected as best in class, and installed with the unique requirements of the shooting range in mind.

Carey’s proprietary radial air diffusers and plenums are custom built and have been tested and proven to provide laminar air flow at the firing line after proper commissioning. These custom plenums and diffusers are manufactured in house by Carey's.  Carey's plenums and diffusers are not available from a standard diffuser supplier.

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