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Carey's New Ownership Structure

Effective June 30, 2021, Carey’s Small Arms Range Ventilation is making changes to its ownership structure.  The effect of the changes will be to make each member of the Executive Team an equity owner in the company, and to allow for the retirement of the original owner.


Pat Tovey will take the helm as Chief Executive Officer and will become the majority shareholder.  Three other Carey’s executives will become minority shareholders, with equal equity positions –

  • Sam Pappas, VP and head of Project Management and Installation

  • Kris Williams, VP and leader of Engineering and Design

  • Brian Wright, VP in charge of Sales and Marketing.


Bill Provencher, the founder and original owner of Carey’s, is selling his entire interest in order to enjoy a fully funded retirement.


The ownership changes are the culmination of a succession plan that was put in place in 2014 to provide for continuing growth and leadership of the company.


In commenting on the succession plan, Pat Tovey said, “I have full confidence that we have the right leadership team and equity structure in place to stay on the cutting edge in Range Ventilation.  Moving forward, we’re making plans to offer an expanded scope of range maintenance services and to provide greater flexibility in range design and ventilation as shooters’ interests evolve.  We’re also exploring ways to apply emerging AI technologies to support the Range Ventilation solutions of today and tomorrow.”


Carey’s Small Arms Range Ventilation has been developing, designing and installing successful Indoor Range projects since 1995. Carey's has specialized their designs in the control of contaminants created by indoor ranges and is currently known as a National leader in the field. Carey's has worked with the United States Navy to develop the current range ventilation standards as described in the Unified Facilities Criteria. Carey’s wrote the ventilation standards for the GSA, edited the standards for the United States Air Force as published in the ETL, and has been a consultant for the Federal Law Enforcement Training Center (Department of Homeland Security) and FBI.

Carey's Small Arms Range Ventilation has completed hundreds of indoor range ventilation systems at facilities that have met all of the required standards, including projects for:

  • US Navy

  • US Air Force

  • US Marshals

  • US Army

  • Police Departments

  • Universities

  • Private Ranges

  • Commercial Ranges

  • Gun Manufacturers

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