Our Team

Patrick Tovey, Secretary/Treasurer
As Secretary/Treasurer and CFO of Carey’s, Pat oversees all aspects of projects. He is responsible for handling the financial management of Carey’s including contracting, scheduling, risk management, and legal matters. Pat holds a BA from Saint Xavier University, an MBA from Governors State University, and an MLA from the University of Chicago.

Denise Vander Wall, Direct Assistant to CFO
As Direct Assistant to CFO, Denise helps prepare essential equipment, shipping, and financial documents for all projects.  She also attended Fox Business College.


Brian Wright, Director of Sales
As Sales Manager, Brian is responsible for marketing, estimating, and assembling bid documents for all projects. Brian is the primary contact for all new and ongoing projects. Brian holds his BA from North Central College.

Nolan McNicholas, Controls Engineer

As Controls Engineer, Nolan works with the controls team to coordinate the design and building of control panels as well as taking service calls to troubleshoot any problems an active range could have.  Nolan holds his BS from the University of Illinois.

Sam Pappas, Project Manager
As Project Manager, Sam is responsible for scheduling construction of the ventilation systems and overseeing all aspects of the project throughout construction. Sam coordinates with subcontractors, general contractors, and owners to schedule equipment delivery, installation, and start-up.

Kristofer Williams, Project Engineer
As Project Engineer, Kris is responsible for designing all systems, writing specifications, compiling submittals, and providing technical oversight through the design phase as well as throughout construction. He coordinates with owners, architects, and engineers to design the layout of the range ventilation systems. Kris holds his BS from the University of Illinois.

Paul Lencioni, Project Engineer/Project Manager

As part of the project management and design teams,  Paul coordinates with contractors, architects, and owners.   He also assists with project design and plan preparation.  Paul holds a BA from Valparaiso University, and a Masters of Architecture degree from The University of Illinois Chicago, and is a LEED certified professional.   

Bill Jasper, Production Manager As Production Manager, Bill is responsible for all warehouse operations including importing and exporting equipment. Bill manufactures all of Carey’s custom radial diffusers and plenums.


Carey’s Small Arms Range Ventilation has been developing, designing and installing successful Indoor Range projects since 1995. Carey's has specialized their designs in the control of contaminants created by indoor ranges and is currently known as a National leader in the field. Carey's has worked with the United States Navy to develop the current range ventilation standards as described in the Unified Facilities Criteria. Carey’s wrote the ventilation standards for the GSA, edited the standards for the United States Air Force as published in the ETL, and has been a consultant for the Federal Law Enforcement Training Center (Department of Homeland Security) and FBI.

Carey's Small Arms Range Ventilation has completed hundreds of indoor range ventilation systems at facilities that have met all of the required standards, including projects for:

  • US Navy

  • US Air Force

  • US Marshals

  • US Army

  • Police Departments

  • Universities

  • Private Ranges

  • Commercial Ranges

  • Gun Manufacturers